Terms of Service for IPLocate.io Users

Last updated: 1 October 2018


IPLocate.io is an internet service for finding data associated with Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. IPLocate.io is a brand operated by Defusion Design Pty Ltd, an Australian Registered Company (ACN 610 982 100). IPLocate.io may be referred to as "IPLocate.io," "we," or "us" throughout this document.

The services that we operate include the IPLocate.io Website, available at http://www.iplocate.io/; the IPLocate.io subscription services available via web and email; and all relevant infrastructure used to operate the aforementioned services. These services will collectively be referred to as IPLocate.io Services.

By using IPLocate.io Services, you indicate that you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. If you don't agree, you must not use IPLocate.io Services.

1. What is IPLocate.io

IPLocate.io is an internet service for finding data associated with Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, such as city, country, approximate location, timezone, and more. IPLocate.io includes this service, the associated website and infrastructure, as well as other services that we might advertise or add to our website from time to time.

2. Prerequisites for using IPLocate.io

In order to use IPLocate.io, you agree to the following conditions:

3. What you can and can't do with IPLocate.io

You can do lots of neat things with IPLocate.io! For example, you can:

But you can not do these things, for example:

4. IPLocate.io Data

IPLocate.io includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com. We update our database regularly to ensure that we can provide up-to-date data through our service, however we make no guarantees to the accuracy of the data provided. IP addresses cannot always be accurately geolocated to precise locations. In many cases the data may not be accurate because of incorrect information provided by MaxMind or their service providers.

5. Support

We have a support email address, [email protected], and we'll endeavour to answer all queries in a reasonable amount of time.

We don't offer guaranteed support response times or an SLA for IPLocate.io Services.

6. Downtime of IPLocate.io Services

From time-to-time, IPLocate.io Services may be unavailable due to network maintenance or outage - either of IPLocate.io or one of our server or network providers. If maintenance is planned, we will endeavour to give you as much prior notice as is reasonably possible - usually via our dashboard - to let you know that your IPLocate.io Services might be inaccessible. If an outage is unexpected, we'll try to keep you updated via our control panel and/or e-mail, but please note that this isn't always possible.

Because of the inherent nature of internet services, we don't provide any compensation or credits for downtime or unavailability of the IPLocate.io Services - whether expected or unexpected. If you use IPLocate.io Services, you agree that you are not entitled to compensation of any kind for any period of time in which your IPLocate.io Services might be unavailable to you or others. We don't provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or guarantee on the uptime of IPLocate.io Services beyond what we've stated above.

7. Violations of these Terms of Service

IPLocate.io reserves the right to suspend, cancel or terminate any of your IPLocate.io Services at any time for any reason.

If you violate these Terms of Service, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel any and/or all of your IPLocate.io Services, and/or ban your IPLocate.io accounts and/or IP addresses. You accept that you are not entitled to any compensation or credit if your Service is cancelled as a result of a violation of these Terms of Service, and we will not provide one.

If you use your IPLocate.io Services to commit a crime (based on the laws of Australia, the country you reside and/or the country in which your IPLocate.io Service operates), we will file a report with the relevant authorities.

8. Term and Cancellation

This agreement is in effect for the duration from when you begin using IPLocate.io Services, until either:

  1. You provide us with written notice to [email protected] that you would like to cancel your IPLocate.io user account, at which point we will delete all of your user account data. We will provide written confirmation when this has been completed, usually within 3 business days.
  2. We terminate your IPLocate.io user account as a result of a violation of this agreement.

9. Warranty and Liability

To the extent permitted by law, IPLocate.io Services are provided "as is," without any warranty. IPLocate.io will not be held liable for any form of loss relating to or arising from the use of IPLocate.io Services.