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Target users in different countries, personalize your user experience, geofence content, enforce rights management and compliance, and more.

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  "ip"          : "",
  "country"     : "United States",
  "country_code": "US",
  "city"        : "Mountain View",
  "continent"   : "North America",
  "latitude"    : 37.4043,
  "longitude"   : -122.0748,
  "time_zone"   : "America/Los_Angeles",
  "postal_code" : "94043",
  "org"         : "Google LLC",
  "asn"         : "AS15169",
  "subdivision" : "California",
  "subdivision2": null

Build revolutionary products.

Use our geolocation API data to gain valuable insights into your users, and make your awesome products... well... more awesome.


Show users information based on their city or country, or set time zones automatically.


Direct users to country-specific landing pages, or different websites entirely.

Fraud prevention

Add enhanced security and verification to orders from high-risk countries, protecting you and your business from fraud.


Need to charge tax in certain countries, or comply with specific privacy regulations? Detect your users’ locations and prompt them to complete their details.

Rights management

Geofence your content, ensuring only users in approved countries can watch, listen or download.

Business intelligence

Add a greater depth of data to your analytics capability. Find out how users in different locations behave across your site.

Plans for every team.

Whether you're working on a hobby project or processing millions of transactions each day, we've got you covered.


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