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const iplocate = require('node-iplocate');

iplocate('').then((results) => {
$.getJSON('', function(data) {
require 'iplocate'

results = IPLocate.lookup('')

puts results.inspect
$res = file_get_contents('');
$res = json_decode($res);


Powerful IP geolocation API

  • 1,500 free requests per day - no need to sign up
  • Get started with one line of code
  • Super fast response times
  • Secure by default


We price based on API usage. Simple.

Everyone gets 1,500 daily requests for free, no need to sign up.

Monthly Yearly

Pay annually and get two months free.

Upgrade or downgrade any time.

Need even more API requests, or have special requirements? Drop us a line.


Using IPLocate is easy. Really easy.

We have official docs, or get started quickly below.

To look up information for an IP address, make a GET request to, replacing :ip_address with your desired IP address.

For example,

Data format

JSON is our default. Use a different format by appending /json, /yaml, /xml, or /csv:

JavaScript callback

To receive your data as a JavaScript callback (JSONP), use the JSON format with a callback query parameter - like so


Add your API key with the X-API-Key header or apikey query parameter.

No authentication is necessary for free requests.


Things don't go wrong very often. If you've sent an invalid request, we'll respond with HTTP 400 Bad Request. If you're over your API limits for the day, we'll respond with HTTP 429 Too Many Requests. Any error will return a JSON response with an error key that describes what went wrong.