Plans for every team.

Whether you're working on a hobby project or processing millions of transactions each day, we've got you covered.


Trusted by top businesses. No daily limits up to your monthly quota. Flexible billing.

How many requests will you make?

300,000 /month

(That's about 10,000 requests per day)

Need millions of requests, an SLA, or a customized package?

We can help out — just get in touch.



Working on a low-volume or hobby project?

The API is free to use up to 1,000 requests per day. Sign up for a free API key.

What's included?

Highly available, super-fast API

Our service is built with reliability and fault-tolerance in mind. Our API servers are fully redundant, load balanced, and scale up seamlessly to support extra demand.

Accurate and up-to-date

IP geolocation information changes very often. Our API does, too, so we can constantly serve the most accurate data available.

Secure, and private

Our API runs only over HTTPS, so all communication is encrypted. We log as little information as possible to provide our service, so your business data stays private.

Priority support

We want you up and running as quickly as possible. If our docs haven’t gotten you there, we’ll help with any technical issues faced when integrating our premium API.

About our plans.

How long before I can start using my subscription?

We’ll set up your subscription account as soon as your payment is processed. You should receive an email with your account details instantly.

Can I change my plan?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade from your account page at any time. Upgrades will be pro-rated - this means we’ll charge you the difference between your old and new plan, for the time left in your current billing period. Downgrades are also pro-rated, and the excess amount is applied as a credit to any of your future invoices.

Can I cancel my plan?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but yes! Get in touch any time to let us know that you’d like to cancel your subscription. We’ll sort this out for you.

How do I start using my subscription?

Your account has a unique API key. Use this key to identify your account to our servers when you’re making requests. For information on sending your API key, see the docs on authentication.